For the workers, by the workers.

The Western PA Unemployed Council is a grassroots initiative that is aimed at organizing within our neighborhoods, with the working class, to create support and solidarity against racial injustice, evictions, foreclosures, & utility burdens, hunger, and unethical labor practices.

We are a 100% a community member-led and funded collective of unemployed, underemployed, and  employed workers organizing to uplift each other to fight for basic human rights


Our guiding principle is that no member of the working class or their family should go without adequate food, housing, or healthcare, regardless of their employment or immigration status.

We fight for good paying jobs, housing, health care, and education for all. While we fight for immediately realizable reforms to provide relief for workers, we also fight for a society where the working class owns the fruits of their own labor for the benefit of all, instead of a tiny minority of Bosses, Bankers, and Mega-Landlords.


Cancellation of Rents & Mortgages

Cancellation of all rents, mortgages for homeowners, small landlords, and small businesses.


Utilities for All

Gas, electricity, water, and internet for all residents.


House the Homeless

House the houseless in vacant buildings, homes, and all appropriate structures.


Full Unemployment Compensation

Full unemployment compensation for all members of the working class.


Jobs Guarantee

End unemployment and underemployment with a jobs guarantee and free public transit to commute.


Healthcare for All

Free at point of care, no bills, no more medical debt, and forgive all existing medical debt.


Food Distribution

Create local food distribution committees, in which the communities themselves distribute food.


End Mass Incarceration

End the racist system of mass incarceration and slave-labor in our prison-industrial complex. .


Education for All

Free universal education from daycare/preschool through college.


End all Sanctions & Blockades

End all US sanctions and blockades, which invariably harm the international working class.

Community Programs

File Together, Fight Together

We offer free help to determine if you are eligible for Unemployment, what type of Benefits are available to you, and help filing. We believe Unemployment should be widely accessible.

Unity & Survival

With the use of donated food, we are able to provide free healthy frozen meals for the community on a recurring, weekly basis. We believe food should be available for all.

Cancel the Rents & Mortgages

We are demanding a cancellation of rents & mortgages, and we fight and protect tenants and homeowners from eviction. We believe housing is a human right.


Black Cat Market

5135 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Saturday, 11AM – 1PM



We are run 100% by volunteers, within our neighborhoods, to organize and fight together against racial injustice, evictions, foreclosures, & utility burdens, hunger, and unethical labor practices.

Volunteering allows our programs to reach the working people that need aid most and encourage them to organize to fight.


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